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Welcome to your new salon home!

We are an appointment only salon. Discover the three simple steps below to getting your appointment on the books.

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find a beauty pro

All of the artists at Salon Synchronicity are self employed and each have something unique to offer.
Make your way to our "meet my artist" tab, or take a moment to scroll through our Instagram feed to see if a certain pro has the right vibe.
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pick a service

Each artist offers unique service options, you'll want to know exactly what you need done before booking.

Make your way to our "contact my artist" page. Reach out to your beauty pro directly to discuss which service will best suite your needs if you're unsure.
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book online

You made it! Now that you've selected your stylist and service you're ready to book online.

Once you complete the online booking process you'll receive a confirmation text right away.
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