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You've earned the right to better booth rent.

Scroll through to explore just some of what Salon Synchronicity has to offer beauty professionals. To request more information fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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a better facility

In November of 2021 we will be moving to our brand new 2000 sq ft facility with so much to offer independent beauty artists:
-Competitive rental rates starting as low as $250/week
-Semi-private stations for stylists, and private, sound-proof rooms for estheticians.
-Spacious break area for stylists with free laundry.
-Social media studio for professional quality client shots.
-Inclusion in our partnership with Green Circle Salons, which makes Salon Synchronicity and it's artists Certified Sustainable pros.

better Stylist resources

We are SO proud of the professional resources & support we provide each of the independent stylist at Salon Synchronicity. Below we've listed just a few:
-Booking and merchant software
-Deferred rent for up to 6 weeks of leave
-Quarterly coaching and business planning
-Marketing support via social media, salon blog and salon website.
-Professional head shots and branded marketing stock photos
-Renters Insurance

A better guest experience

Part of our core mission is providing a relaxing experience for every guest that walks through our doors. A few of the complimentary guest amenities at Salon Synchronicity are:
-A fully stocked beverage & snack station.
-Essential oil infused hot towel treatments.
-Access to 24/7 online booking and communication options.

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