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"I am so excited to put this offer out into the world. I'm looking to bring on an administrative assistant with a heart for supporting creatives. Someone who loves systems & organizing, and is looking for super flexible, super part time work. Someone looking to plug into an environment that centers support, collaboration and beauty... all while maintaining the ultimate amount of flexibility and autonomy."

      -Rebekah, founder

we're looking for

here's what the job entails


the nitty gritty

The work is completely self-paced and is expected to occupy 4-6 hours a week. Pricing transparency is a core value at Salon Synchronicity. Compensation starts at $16/hr and moves to $20/hr after the first 90 days, compensation then optionally moves to $25/hr after the following 90 days. Expect 1 hour of flexible in-salon work a week, and an additional couple hours of remote work throughout the week. Some work will require collaboration with Rebekah and will have to be scheduled flexibly in advanced. 


want to be


fill out the contact form and Rebekah will reach out to schedule an interview from there

Thank you for submitting, I can't wait to see the value you add to our community. 

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