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Salon Synchronicity is an appointment only
sustainable boutique salon home to some of raleigh's most talented independent beauty professionals. 

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Raleigh stylists and estheticians,
are you looking for something different?

Salon Synchronicity provides an upscale environment for self employed beauty artists who want to embrace the freedom, flexibility and earning potential of being self employed without sacrificing the support, resources or collaboration that comes with working at an established salon.

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Did you know Salon Synchronicity is  a certified sustainable salon?

We know how hard it can be to find businesses with sustainable practices. 

Part of our mission at Salon Synchronicity is to make sure we aren't leaving a dirty trail of waste in the wake of the beauty we create. 

That's why we partner with Green Circle Salons. 

With Green Circle Salons we're able to repurpose and recycle 95% of the waste generated in our space.